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Germany: July 2007

Average Daily Costs*
Lodging $4.55
Food $24.36
Miscellaneous $9.81
Other Costs**
Transportation $34.20
Gear $550.10
Fees, Fines, and Tolls $19.51
Entertainment $33.10

Total Germany Cost $1217.87

Avg. Exchange Rate Euro to $US 1.3758

Germany had some of the most expensive campsites we encountered on this trip. It wasn't uncommon to see a site charging 20 euros for a small tent site. Unreal! So, we kept our costs down by free camping along the bike paths and staying with families. After our crash in Laos, we had to replace our helmets and we replaced a lost bicycle computer as well.

*We classify food, lodging, and miscellaneous costs as daily costs. Food and Lodging are pretty obvious. The only thing to mention is that beer is included in the Food category. Miscellaneous costs include toiletries, internet cafes, stamps and postage, haircuts, laundry, gasoline, phone calls, and any other small costs we need to keep us going on a daily basis.

**We categorize our non-daily costs into the following categories. Gear is the maintenance of our existing gear as well as new purchases. Maps and guidebooks are also included in this category. Fees, Fines, and Tolls includes visas, banking fees, and any other official fees we are required to pay. Entertainment is used for park and museum entry fees, guided tours, movies, books, and any other activities we do which require payment. The Transportation category includes bus, train, taxi, subway, and ferry rides including any fees we have to pay for the bicycles. Health includes trips to the doctor and medications as well as any immunizations boosters we need.

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